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Booking Declaration cum Consent

By moving ahead to book your session with Elixir, you hereby agree to the following terms and provide an express affirmation of the same

  1. You confirm that you are an adult of sound mind and entitled to proceed with the consultancy.

  2. The consultancy sessions provided to you will be provided on humanitarian basis and first session will be provided free of charge and further sessions beyond the first session shall be charged @Rs.399/- (Rupees Three Ninety-Nine) per session. All such charges shall be paid at the time of booking the sessions via the website

  3. All the sessions shall continue to remain on one to one basis between you and the consultants directly. Elixir and all the persons connected thereto are and will not be responsible for the same and in any manner whatsoever.

  4. You shall not provide any false information when required by Elixir or its counsellors.

  5. You shall not submit more than one request for the free first session under your name or any other alias/fake submission.

  6. You and/or your heirs, executors, administrators and/or successors shall not held Elixir and/or any persons connected to and/or from Elixir responsible for any advice/consultancy that will be provided by the consultants and the effects and any act deeds matters and things post the conversations or otherwise for any reason whatsoever.

  7. All conversations between you and the consultants shall remain confidential. Confidentiality would be broken in cases of abuse/neglect/harm to self or others/criminal proceedings/medical cases/in case you are minor.

  8. Recording or taking screenshots of the messages exchanged by you is strictly prohibited and may result in severe legal proceedings including civil and/or criminal.

  9. In the case of clinical cases, your case will be forwarded to the supervisor or other clinical psychologists who might or might not ask you to pay for the same.

  10. Any cases of abuse/neglect/harm to self and/or consultants and/or others shall attract civil and/or criminal proceedings/medical cases as the case may be.

  11. Any of the scheduled sessions during the continuance of the consultancy can be rescheduled by you giving a minimum of 48(forty-eight) hours request in writing and failing to do so shall account for such session to the total session count.

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