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=2&omit_header=true) ~~~ progval I think it's a library. ------ timdorr There's a good old ancient Syrian Arabic proverb: "He who seeks the rules of the state, must find the source in the Book of Allah." This one might apply here: "if you're trying to figure out why something happened, start with why it didn't happen before." I suppose we could say "if you're trying to figure out why something happened, start with why it did happen before." dudus I'm sure this is happening on purpose and probably in multiple countries. dominotw I find its high time someone should write the 2>&1 equivalent in html. Independent Jura Club The Independent Jura Club (in French: "Jura Club indépendant", ) is a Roman Catholic association of French-speaking Swiss. It was formed in 1932. Its main offices are in Neuchâtel. The current president is Armand Lequini. It is divided into 14 districts called "responses": Espace cantonal de Genève (English: Cantonal Chamber of Geneva) Fribourg Jura-Grand-Combe Jura-Nord (Fribourg, Neuchâtel) Jura-Ouest (Neuchâtel, Biel/Bienne) Jura-Sud (Neuchâtel, Vaud, Berne) Jura-Suisse (Neuchâtel) Jura-Centre (Neuchâtel) Jura-Nord (Neuchâtel) Jura-Sud (Neuchâtel) Jura-Est (Jura) Séroterre-Jura (Neuchâtel, Vaud, Jura) Séroterre-Ouest (Neuchâtel) Séroterre-Ouest-Sud (Neuchâtel) Séroterre-Sud-Est (Jura) Presidents Léon Suvenan, 1932–1940 Jean-Etienne Fois, 1940–1947 Fernand Rapet, 1947–1952 Maurice Voize, 1952–1960



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