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). Among the genes annotated as being putatively involved in exine formation, we found a putative protein NHP3, the homolog of an assembly factor that is involved in *Fusarium oxysporum* endospore formation [@pone.0025593-DaRe1], [@pone.0025593-Zhou1]. In *A. tumefaciens*, the NHP3 protein is phosphorylated by CDK and promotes the interaction of chitin synthase with the late-acting chitin synthase-interacting protein kap95, resulting in endospore wall maturation [@pone.0025593-DaRe1]. In addition, a putative assembly factor CTL1 was also identified. CTL1 is a coiled-coil domain-containing protein in *A. nidulans*, *S. pombe*, and *T. reesei* [@pone.0025593-Yamaguchi1], [@pone.0025593-Aksnes1], [@pone.0025593-Hori1]. A comprehensive analysis of the genome sequences of filamentous fungi from the genus *Aspergillus* showed that the CTL1 protein is present only in the filamentous aspergilli, including *A. nidulans*, *A. niger*, *A. clavatus*, *A. oryzae* and *A. flavus* [@pone.0025593-Aksnes1]. Although a low level of CTL1 was observed in *A. aculeatus* (Ajmerean_scaffold_1418, 1555 and 1605), no other homologues of CTL1 proteins were found in the *A. aculeatus* genome, suggesting that CTL1 is absent in *A. aculeatus*. The abundance of NHP3 and CTL1 proteins in *A. nidulans* suggests that these proteins could be involved in exine formation in *A. tumefaciens*. Thus, the genes encoding NHP3 and CTL1 proteins are likely to be expressed in *A. tumefaciens* during ascospore development. Another putative protein kinase-related protein was found and was named NKpA for [N]{.ul}uclear [K]{.ul}in




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Coolorus 2.5.14

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